Monday, October 12, 2009

What a great experience!

I would like to thank all who made the Art 21 Night a successful event.
I am truly blessed with such great new friends here at the gallery.
My first event was a cozy night, about 15 people attended. The series is phenomenal. The PBS documentary is a well made film about artists; a glimpse of insight into their lives and work.
I have been asked to do a monthly event and I am real excited about doing one. After we complete this Art21, we will be viewing other great documentaries about artists!
The Art21 Video Night
If anyone is interested in coming to the gallery; enjoying the art documentary with us(there is four parts)?
I will have sign-ups at the gallery or you can leave us a message here on our web site for me. It would be helpful for buying the events refreshments.

The past Harvest Festival here in Honesdale was great fun! I now know what I should do for next year. Again, I have a great team working for me. I appreciate all your support and help!! Thank you!

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