Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spotlight Artist Carolyn Duke

Our Spotlight Artist:
Carolyn Duke a fellow student of the School of Visual Arts also studied at the Arts Students League and the Greenwich Village Pottery Studio. Carolyn resides in Sullivan County. Her home is a mountaintop setting with views of the Delaware River Valley; which is great inspiration for her pottery.
Carolyn looks to the patterns and rhythms in nature for her inspiration. She is attracted to simplicity in form, finding the beauty in a pot captured in a single gesture. Although simple in form, an amazing amount of energy is captured in every piece. No two pots are ever the same.
Duke Pottery has an art gallery and gift shop featuring the work of photographer Dana Duke and chairmaker Peter Galbert, in addition to jewelry, rustic furniture, paintings, quilts, aromatherapy pillows, scarves, pastels, books, CDs, cards, wool, and maple syrup.
This is the perfect time of year to take a meandering drive to her studio & gallery. More information and directions to her studio can be found here: