Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Ms. Suzannah Hadorn!

Another woman of Substance:
Suzannah Rhea Hadorn!
Whose birthday is today…

They say that age is all in your mind. The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body. ~Author Unknown

As most artists paint what they are familiar with like their surroundings.
Suzannah is a unique artist with a secure sense of self. As a friend once wrote… “she is not about producing measurable recognizable results.” She draws from the inside… her soul.
More commonly known as shamanic drawings; she paints the spirits of that which are on her journey. The journey is seen relating to the 7-non physical senses, energy and the power of transcendence. Either personal or communal the drawings reflect the imagery the artist experiences.
This type of creating has been described as extremely hard.
As previously written:
This takes a lot of contemplation and courage to move beyond the restrictions of what we have been conditioned to think something objectively is. She passes through many veils in order to expose her uniqueness. Ms. Hadorn has an extraordinary artistic gift and with it she exercises the freedom needed to bring that gift from deep inside herself into the body of her works on paper. Her art is about soul searching, and connecting to the energetic pulse of what is going on around her.

Although she has shown her work in NYC, Brooklyn and various Pennsylvanian Art galleries, and two documentaries have been made about her…
I am proud and honored to have her here, at the Philip Hone Gallery, and above all to call her my friend.
I hope you all enjoy her works, Au Revoir! Caroline

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nancy Wells Shadow Trees

“How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.”
Henry David Thoreau
Some more photos from our show; “Four Women of Substance”

The work is titled; Shadow Trees an original design written and illustrated by Nancy Wells.

First I would like to write a little about each artist. I always find that when I am reviewing a work of art; it is helpful to know about the artist themselves. The artist’s direction and vision have always been a lingering factor to reviewing a work of art.
After doing a community show together last year, we all found out that our mutual friend was suffering with a tragic disease, Alzheimers. We talked about how horrible it was because this artist is so talented and to top that off; she was a strong, creative force within our community. She volunteered many of hours promoting the arts.
So as women of substance…
We wanted to do something, thus began our road... “the one less traveled”
The simple decision to do something for a wonderful friend, as a way we could honor, cherish, and show her our gratitude for all she is.
The woman we honor with this show is our dear friend; Gabriel Feldman.

So, the first woman that I thought of, whom I would love to work with was Nancy Wells. She is an extremely talented and gifted artist with a heart of gold. I see her as my mentor and friend, the artist I strive to be. When I asked her, without any hesitation she agreed to help me. She organized and gathered these fabulous women together for our first meeting. Worked tirelessly on promoting the show and did the invitations…
Thank you! Nancy
Again, your hardwork, determination and friendship mean so much me.

The piece photographed is called: Shadow Trees
A combination of poetry and visuals which are both done by Nancy.

a little sampling of her words…

Shadow trees living
Hurting inside
Hearts seeing
Wrestling with why?

Granny knots
Inwardly loving
Outwardly aware

Dream activators

Shadow trees
Dream activators
Precious moon blossoms
Slip into the night
Waiting for your definition

Well for the rest of the poem...
you will need to come in and read the whole book!
and sip some tea with us.

Unlike the sentiment of the poem at the top of the page by Thoreau;
Nancy truly lives a life of passion and creativity.
I hope to share the tidbits of her work here; along with the rest of the work in the show!
until tomorrow keep creating!
au revoir, Caroline